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Warranty consulting, training and services

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CarGarantie Warranty Consulting

CarGarantie Warranty Consulting identifies the potential to establish a customized warranty solution for automotive importers, dealerships, manufacturers and financial institutes.

  • Consultation for business model - who are the stakeholders and what are their roles in the warranty programme.
  • Design of scope of the warranty, which is customized to your and your customer's need. We offer a one-stop solution from coverage level and warranty durations up to acceptance guidelines and more.
  • Incentive scheme at the POS – how your staff can profit from offering extended warranties to the customers and how to motivate them.
  • Marketing concept, including design and creation of advertising material for the POS as well as communication distribution.

CarGarantie Warranty Training

CarGarantie Warranty Training assists the staff at the POS with putting the warranty programme into operation and helps promoting the sales process.

Sales and Marketing Training

  • Advantages for end-customers
  • Benefits/profit for the dealer
  • Warranty product training
  • Sales methodology of warranty

Process and IT training

  • Warranty registration via online tool myWebline
  • Warranty administration via online tool myWebline
  • Claims notification via online tool myWebline
  • Claims management via online tool myWebline
  • Claims notification via phone

CarGarantie Warranty Services

CarGarantie Warranty Services will relieve you from administration work and ensure that you will get qualified data to reduce your workload for operational tasks.

Warranty pre-approval based on warranty terms and conditions

Claims pre-approval based on warranty terms and conditions

Customer support via online tool myWebline and phone

Reporting/data transfer

  • Detailed warranty registration data
  • In-depth claims data
  • Comprehensive performance data

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